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Here at I predict future pivot points for day trading I will teach you how to trade using my trading strategy and risk reward system that i use to protect your trading capital.

Before we start please don’t risk anymoney you cannot afford to loose just like that car you are driving around in that is one of the most biggest losses you can purchase.

If you can set your mindset up correctly and tell yourself I put £2000 into my trading account there is a good chance I can make some money.

Not HMM I might spend £50k on a car and in two years it will be worth £30K that is one of the worst decisions ever.

Any way on with the results below are the following charts and then tomorrows pivots below each one for you to use and trade from.

02/06/2020 WTI Crude Oil Chart

Click Here For Enlarged Image

02/06/2020 WTI Crude Pivots

Yellow Pivot Lines Minor
Red Pivot Lines Main Support

01/06/2020 Copper Day Trading Results

Enlarged Image Click Here

02/06/2020 Copper Pivots

Yellow Pivot Lines Minor Support
Red Pivot Lines Main Support

01/02/2020 GBP/USD Trading Results.

Enlarged Image Click Here

02/06/2020 GBP/USD Pivots

Yellow Pivot Lines Minor Level
Red Pivot Lines Main Level

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