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Todays Trading pivots results are below, I cover WTI crude oil, Copper and GBP/USD please let know if you have stock you would like me to do pivot results for and I can take a look into it for you just drop me an email on or take a look at the website for lessons and previous data.

My aim with this blog post is just for my own research really, to be able to document whats happening with thease stocks and how they respect the pivotos or not and the opportunities there has been during the trading day.

Hopefully I will be opening trades whilst doing this as well so once I have my total plan set out I will start posting results and how I am doing.

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WTI Crude oil Results 02/06/2020

For Enlarged Image Click Here

You can see above that there are no pivot lines plotted there is but they are blow the price action so the only trades that could be opened today are EMA bounces which would have had quite a success today .

WTI Crude Pivots 03/06/2020

Yellow pivot lines Minor
Red Pivot Lines Main

Copper Day Results 02/06/2020

Enlarged Image Click here

The chart results above for copper show that from just after the open it bounces off the pivot line and then heads up for the rest of the day so successful trading should of been made throughout the day.

Copper Futurepivot 03/06/2020

Yellow Pivot Lines Minor
Red Pivot lines Main

GBP/USD Trading Results

Enlarged Image Click Here

The chart above for GBP/USD shows the bounce of the pivot in the morning then a gradual climb before a pull back then continuation with the trend.

So there are a couple of chances to get a trade opened from this chart.

Futurepivot for GBP/USD

Yellow Pivot Line Minor
Red Pivot Line Main

There we have todays info and tomorrows pivots I will try to add some more info in the coming days and get a few other blogs done as well so keep an eye out.

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