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Crude oil WTI daily report

Welcome, I take a look at what’s happened throughout the day. and if I have had the chance to trade will show you my results and how I have traded and why.


Below is my chart for the day, The purple lines represent the FuturePivot lines which are calculated and added before the day’s trading starts.

It helps us a few different ways, if the stock is above the daily pivot lines it shows that we are in an uptrend and advises us to only open long positions.

As you can see from today’s chart, conditions have been a bit choppy it’s shown support and resistance in different places.

My sentiments for today, are that upon the UK open 8 am GMT I could have opened a short position as the market was showing downward pressure following the ma, the market is also below the daily pivot which is a good indication.

my usual stop is between 10-20 pips, so the gain is possible trading down to the yellow support line.

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