Below is a brief explanation of terms and references made within the stock market community.

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  • Bears – When the market is moving in a downtrend.
  • Bulls – When the market is moving in an uptrend.
  • Candle – A form of measuring and displaying prices.
  • Consolidation – The market is just trading sideways not up or down.
  • EMA – Exponential Moving Average
  • Heikin Ashi – Different style of candle but still displaying price movement
  • KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid
  • Long – To open a buy position hoping the price increases.
  • MA – Moving average
  • Pivot – Also known as support and resistance a level which the market might reverse from the current trend.
  • Pip – or pips refereed to as single unit on the stock market $31.01 the .01 is one pip.
  • Short – To open a sell position hoping the price falls
  • Stop-loss – a level which the market will automatically close NOT GUARANTEED
  • Trend – The market heading in a certain direction up or down.