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Hi, below you will find chart data with Exponential Moving averages 50 EMA and 100 EMA and today’s daily pivots plotted. This is what I use to trade from and so can you take a look at my lessons for more info.

I am in the process of building the site so will try to add plenty of info everyday so please keep an eye out.

Trading Classroom

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How it works is that I post a blog every night the same as this one with tomorrows pivots on and a report of whats happened today with regards to pivots and Moving averages.

I just felt that i would document it and let you follow or join in with me and see where it all ends up.

I cover three main stocks WTI crude oil, GBP/USD and Copper.

There isn’t any real reason I picked these stocks I just felt three was a reasonable number for me to monitor, i may drop one or two if it’s not playing by the rules but I will persist for a couple of months first.

Day Trading Results WTI Crude Oil

Below we have a snippet from today’s market movement as you can see I have added pivot lines that I have worked out from previous trades.

They are not conventional pivot lines either with different support and resistance levels they are taken from elsewhere and I have my own explanation on how to use them see classroom for more info.

Main markets where quiet as its a national holiday for main trading countries but as you see there are still some opportunities to open a trade.

Day Trading Example
Learn how to trade

WTI Crude Oil Pivots for 26/05/2020

Minor Support level

Main Support Level

Day trading results GBP/USD 25/05/2020

Below is a snippet of today’s trading trends as you can see it has respected the pivot lines so created a few trading opportunities.

GBP/USD Pivots for 26/05/2020

Minor Pivot Yellow on chart

Main Pivot Red On Chart

Copper Day Trading Results for 26/05/2020

As you can see from the chart above and my lessons there are some opportunities to open trades on Copper as well today so hopefully a significant gain for all.

Minor support Yellow lines on chart
Main Support Red Lines On Chart


Overview of today, I didn’t open any trades today with it being the bank holiday I added some more pages to the website and kept an eye on the markets.

I feel that if you followed the classroom training you should have made some great trades today.

Thanks for having a read and please let me know if you want anything adding or removing.

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