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Welcome to my blog post where I post my trades which are successful or not I’m doing as a bit of a training guide for myself I am explaining all of what I do and why on my website and hope you take something from my posts and blogs as that’s what I’m hoping to do is to help others not make the mistakes I am.

What I post here on my blog is today`s results and pivots to use for tomorrow if you need to take a look at my lessons to why and how I use the data please just click below Classroom

WTI Crude Oil results 26/05/2020

Below is a snippet of todays chart with pivots plotted.

As you see at 9:50 am the market dropped towards the minor pivot and bounced you could use that opportunity to open a long buy position.

later in the day 16:25 it touches the pivot and shows a bounce going to happen but then failed so that would have been a loss of trade, as I have said in the lessons we always get them you just have to deal with them.

At 17:00 then tried the strong pivot and bounces high so so would have been a great position to open and the best trade from oil for the day the possibility of getting 100+ pips.

WTI Crude Oil Pivots 27/05/2020

Below are the pivots for tomorrow 27/05/2020 if you wish to follow my blog and receive daily emails with links to trade from Join Our Email List

The pivots today are significant as the minor pivot is so close together meaning that there should be a major move in one direction or the other today.

Yellow Minor pivots
Red Main Pivot

Copper Trading Results 26/05/2020

I choose copper to add to my list as it seems to respect the pivot lines quite well historically i tend to plot and follow a stcok for a month or two and monitor performance before i change stocks.

Below are the results for today and then i will post tomorrows pivots.

As you can see on the chart it was trading above the strong pivot and proved to be a support level at 8:40 am then again later at 17:25 pm you could have alos traded from the MA Lines.

Copper pivot lines 27/05/2020

Here we have tomorrows pivot lines to trade from if you wish to receive them daily before the UK market opens Join Our Email List

Green Minor Support Level
Red Main Support Level

GBP/USD Trading results 26/05/2020

I choose this stock just because of the the volume and amount of people who trade it just on forex alone which is curreny pairs there are more than 5 trillion dollars traded daily.

As we can see from the daily chart above for today the trend was just up to it didn’t give us a firm bounce and open off a pivot but if you wanted to trade the trend from UK open that would have worked well.

But my Trading strategy doesn’t cover that so I wouldn’t have made a trade newbies panic and think but why I could have made a million today but sadly it just doesn’t work like that we get days like that trading pivots and when they happen we can load up positions.

GBP/USD pivots 27/05/2020

Below are the daily picots I have calculated from previous data if you wish to follow my blog and receive daily pivots Join My Email List

Green Minor Pivot
Red Main Pivot

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