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Moving Average and Pivots.

Welcome at we learn how to day trade in a step by step process, i post Daily chart pivot and moving average results for the day and then i post tomorrows pivots for you to use if you wish.

All information provided is for educational purposes all risk and rewards is down to the individual.

WTI Crude Oil Chart Results

Below is a snippet of today’s activity for WTI Crude Oil As you can see below

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Following the trading plan there is a good chance that profitable trades could be made.

WTI Crude Oil Pivots 28/05/2020

Green Minor Pivot Level
Red Main Pivot Level

Copper Chart Results 27/05/2020

Below are today’s results for copper and the ma and pivots I decided to use if you wish to learn more take a look at our classroom or Join Our Email List and receive the results daily to your email

Copper trading chart Daily pivots
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As you can see above it hasn’t respected the pivots in the morning trade but it has given us an opportunity in the afternoon to trade.

Below are the pivots for tomorrow for copper for you to use.

27/05/2020 Copper Pivots.

Green Minor Pivot
Red Pivot Main Level.

GBP/USD Day Trading Chart 27/05/2020

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As you can see from daily chart above the market was trading within the pivots at open so any trade at that point would be risky it isn’t until later in the day with the MA trend dropping that you could confirm a trend and pivot and trade accordingly.

GBP/USD Chart Pivots 28/05/2020

Green lines medium Pivots
Red Lines Strong Pivots


Taking a look at todays charts shows that there where various oportunities to get into market using either the pivot method or following MA rules if you wish to trade from the pivots i supply please understand that 80.5% of CFD traders loose money whilst trading.

To learn more about the markets take a look at my classroom.

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