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WTI Crude Oil Futures Day trading report for Thursday the 12th August 2021, using for charts displaying Heikin Ashi Candlesticks, Futurepivots, 1-hour support and resistance lines, and Exponential moving average lines.

Bringing it all together is the Futurepivots day trading strategy where you check out old charts and results and subscribe to daily emails with futurepivot and 1-hour support and resistance lines.


I took three trades today and lost all of them.

Total loss 69 pips

Conclusion of trades.

As you can see all three trades failed, and true to my word i am documenting them so you see whats happened from the start.

I will make this a success it just needs my strategy tweaking a little.

but I’m trying to soldier on as that’s what happens it’s about protecting your capital and I feel I have done that.

The only issue is that in the second and third trades I let them take out the full stop loss which wasn’t supposed to happen so I need to tweak my strategy to compensate for this.

Day Trading chart 8am – 8pm

Day Trading chart 8am – 11am

Day Trading chart 11am – 2pm

Day Trading chart 2pm – 5pm

Day Trading chart 5pm – 8pm

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